Al Franken, you get no more of my money!!!

Dear Al Franken

Once again, I was called by your campaign fund raising team asking for money. I have supported your campaign both financially and with time several times in the past but now the answer is NO!

Like most successful first time politicians, you have a wall of “handlers” keeping you from your constiuency and those who may be like minded.

When I and several members of our team began the “Vote America” project, we were advised by serveral individuals in the Michigan Democratic Party, that if anyone might take a modest small amount of time to listen to us, you would be the guy. After several letters and phone calls never answered, no connections were ever made even when promised by one or more of your handlers.

When approached last year and again this year,  your campaign people solicited money but said they the could not pass on a message about having an audience with you but the more money I would contribute the better the chance you or one of you minions would respond.